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Welcome to HeartMade, my name is Siems Luckwaldt and I am a Germany-based writer and 20-year veteran of luxury and lifestyle reporting for publications such as “how to spend it”, the Financial Times Deutschland, Robb Report, Capital, Business Punk and many others. In this podcast, you will hear insightful conversations with founders, CEOs and creative directors on how they build unique brands that combine excellence with personality. Or as I like to say: craft with glory.

If you like what you hear please subscribe in your favourite podcast app, give me a five-star rating and tell your friends and colleagues about this show. Thank you! You can also drop me a line anytime on the website craftandglory.com to let me know which interview guest I should invite for future episodes.

In our lives as consumers, as purchasers of things, we sometimes come across a company, a service, a product that makes a lasting impression on us. For different reasons. Because it is expertly made, because it does what it promises, maybe even over-delivers and because we are fascinated and emotionally touched by its voice, mission, or history. You may call this special ingredient the wow-factor, a certain artisanal charm, the allure of perfect craftsmanship, an aura of nostalgia, or simply the draw of the people behind the brand.

In this podcast, I offer another term for this winning formula: heart-made. An unbeatable combination of passion, expertise, responsibility, and business sense. Similar to the Japanese concept of ikigai, roughly translated as “reason for being” which in a Western interpretation at least, teaches us to find the overlap between what we love to do, what we are good at, what we can get paid for and what the world needs.

In my experience as a journalist covering the luxury industry for over 20 years, it is this hard to achieve mix that makes world-famous brands like Hermès, Rolex or Montblanc such a strong presence in an overcrowded, noisy marketplace. The same applies to lesser-known heritage brands like Red Wing, Zippo or Horween. And even recently established players like Tanner Goods, Shinola or Field Notes.

My goal in this podcast is to reveal as much of that secret sauce as possible, that magical mix behind those brands’ success. By talking to their founders, craftsmen and -women, designers and legendary brand builders.

– how they found their purpose,
– how they started a heart-made brand,
– how they kept the initial passion alive,
– how they stayed on mission,
– how they perfected their skills and
– how they made the business side of things work.
– Not to forget social media and getting across all of that magic in a tweet, an Insta Story, a YouTube video, and whatever you call content on TikTok?

Why did I want to embark on this audio journey? Well, first of all, I truly like talking to and learning from extraordinary people. And as a magazine writer, there’s just never enough space on the page to share with readers all those nuggets of wisdom that CEOs, creative directors and craftsmen so generously shared with me. Their ups and downs, the nitty-gritty, the joys, the frustrations, the human experience of making things that turn into prized possessions for a customer or client.

Equally as important, I have seen many founders struggle, companies fail, brands lose their purpose, their calling and therefore their appeal or even future. So I wanted in a small way to contribute to the knowledge pool on brands that became more than their products, marketing, and business plan. But instead turned into trusted destinations and communities for people looking for passion, excellence, and heritage.

If all of what I just outlined sounds interesting to you, let’s draw back the curtain and get going: Welcome to HeartMade, I am so glad you are here!

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